This book is a help for those sunni who wants to learn about their Aqeedah. There are various topics in that book such as: What is Imaan and Kufr?, The Attributes of Allah, What is Destiny (Taqdeer)?, The Prophets and Messengers of Allah, The Books of Allah, The Malaa’ikah (Angels) of Allah, The Jinnaat, Death and the Grave, Qiyamah, The Excellency of the 15th Night of Shabaan, Celebrating Shab-e-Baraat, Concept of Bidah in Islam, Hazir o Nazir, Death of PROPHETS, Rasulallah (s.a.w) is Alive, Rasulallah (s.a.w) is Noor, Noor The Blessed Light of Rasoolalah, The Necessity of a Spiritual Master (Pir or Murshid), The Parents of Rasulallah (s.a.w) are Muslims, Wilayat (or Sainthood), What is Wilaayah?, Visiting the Mazaar Sharif of the Awliya, Knowledge of Unseen (Ilm ul Gaib), Bukhari Sharif & Muslim Sharif, Celebrating Eid-e-Milad, Celebrating Milad Sharif – Birth of our Holy Prophet, Placing Hands in Namaz, Deviant Sects: The Major Groups, Deviant Sects: The Signs of Deviant Sects, Divine Vision on Meraj – Written by Ala Hazrat [English], Reading Fatiha Behind the Imam, Waseela, Seeking Assistance from other than ALLAH, Taweez, Recitation of Ameen Loudly Behind Imam, Muraqaba (or meditation), Permissibility of Kissing the Thumbs, Rafayadain, Taqleed, The Permissibility to say YA RASOOLALLAH, Esaal e Sawaab, Taqleed or the following of the Imaams, Tabarruk.

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