New Syllabus (Islamic Studies)

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HSC Syllabus 9488 Paper 1

1.1 The Life Of Prophet Muhammad (s) (Uploading Soon)

1.2 A Study Of Set Texts From The Qur’an

1.3 A Study Of Set Hadith Texts

1.4 Main Beliefs

1.5 Purification And Intention

1.6 Acts Of Devotion And Commitment

1.7 Putting Faith Into Action

HSC Syllabus 9488 Paper 2

2.1 Worship

2.2 Family Life

2.3 Finance and Employment

2.4 Application of Islamic Law

2.5 Sources of Islamic Law

2.6 The Oneness Of God

2.7 The Role Of Religious Leaders

2.8 Judgement And The Afterlife (Uploading Soon)

2.9 Distinctive Positions Of Islamic Schools Of Thought (Uploading Soon)

HSC Syllabus 9488 Paper 3

3.1 The Heritage Of The Umayyads (Uploading Soon)

3.2 The Heritage Of The ‘Abbasids (Uploading Soon)

3.3 Literature And Philosophy (Uploading Soon)

3.4 Architecture And Design (Uploading Soon)

HSC Syllabus 9488 Paper 4

4.1 Women In Islam (Uploading Soon)

4.2 Islam And Pluralism (Uploading Soon)

4.3 Leadership Of The Muslims (Uploading Soon)